Who we are

Founded in 2013, Indonesian Standard is a digital agency born on the recipe of clean design, custom solutions, excellence in animation, video production, and websites. We focused in providing exceptional quality and service to customers.

Our goal is to ensure that whenever you need a project completed. No matter the size, you have trusted partner on call you can rely on to get it done right. Quality and cost are all very important, and our business is built around ensuring you can enjoy without any of the standards that have put your business where it is today.


Animated commercial ads are short 10 to 30-second videos focused on promoting your company’s products and services. Animated video ads can raise brand awareness and conversions. We have learned that the secret behind good commercial video productions lies in making your commercial ads resonate with your target audience.

Video Production

What do video production companies do? A media production company is responsible for everything from the initial concept of the project to completion. The company helps with the concept, scripting, scheduling, casting and more. They supervise filming and keep projects on point.

Web Development

We understand that every project is different, which is why we take a custom approach to each unique hand-crafted website that we design. We love creating innovative, interactive work with attention to detail that takes the user on a journey and delivers more than they expect.